Wine growing and vineyard stakes

The plastic stake specially adapted to the grape harvesting machine

The PERIPLAST stake has been precisely designed to have a flexibility adapted to the constraints of a vineyard: crosswinds, vegetation load, vibrations of the harvesting machine, etc.

For any use of PERIPLAST stakes in particular conditions, do not hesitate to consult our distributor or, if necessary, to contact us directly at the LA ROCHELLE factory.

Specially adapted to harvesting machines, established in France and abroad since 1974. Rot-proof, calculated flexibility, resistant to shocks and aging and finally, an excellent quality/price ratio.

PERIPLAST vine stakes and poles are made of a specially formulated plastic material, rigid PVC (Polyvinyl Chloride), which has a lifespan of more than 40 years from first installation. This material has been used since 1964 in the building industry for window and door frames, roller shutters, cladding, etc., because of its excellent resistance to aging (frost, ultraviolet rays and chemical products).


PERIPLAST manufactures all your stakes and poles at the desired height by multiples of 10 cm by changing the module according to the height.


The installation is done with no more difficulty than a traditional wood or metal stake. Driving can be done by a ram or a hydraulic or pneumatic pile driver


When the soil is too stony, it may be necessary, as with a traditional stake, to make a hole first with a section equal to or slightly smaller than the diameter of the stake.


The sinking depth in normal soil should be 50 cm.

In soft soil, it may be necessary to increase this depth to 60 or 70 cm.

The stake is perforated every 10 cm to allow the wires to be fixed with our specially adapted clips.

Some tips

Spacing & head stake

Our long experience in all French vineyards and in several foreign countries leads us to advise our customers to respect the following guidelines:

  • 6 meters for rows facing the axis of the prevailing winds
  • 5 meters for vineyards with rows perpendicular to the wind

Trellising should be done properly with a head stake of proven strength. Our MAV2 REINFORCED stake can be used for this purpose for trellises not exceeding 1.40 m above ground.

It must be planted at least 60 cm deep in the ground and the stake must be guyed from the anchor point to the supporting wire and from the anchor point to the head wire.