Our quality approach

Quality is our main concern

In order to meet our customers' requirements and to provide them with complete satisfaction, we apply very strict quality control, as soon as we receive the plastics that we recycle. We carry out numerous samples on each arrival, to ensure the consistency of the qualities received and to verify that these materials will enable us to obtain the desired performance.

We take a pride in carefully sourcing our products.

Periplast's guiding principles


The sourcing of our waste to be recycled is essential and

we are very vigilant about the right balance in our relationships with our suppliers.


As the very principle of recycling is based on a circular operation, it is important that each link in the chain can make a reasonable profit from its trade and

mutual respect between the various actors is a decisive factor.

Compliant and controlled products


Throughout the manufacturing process, controls are carried out by our operators directly on the extrusion lines, but also in the laboratory, by our quality department.


We can thus check that our productions (pipes and pellets) are in conformity with our commitments and technical data sheets.

Within the company, traceability is complete.


All the raw material batches received are monitored throughout the manufacturing process, with very precise records kept over several decades.