Our Trades

Our main activities

Extrusion of pipes or profiles, as well as formulation and granulation of recycled PVC. Our production is made entirely of recycled PVC, from windows profiles, shutters, cladding and other frames at the end of their life, coming from the demolition of old buildings.

Respect for the environment is a constant concern for Périplast.

An operation based on a circular economy


Our operation perfectly illustrates the principle of the circular economy, since our raw materials come from the building industry, to be transformed into new products, which will be mainly intended for the construction market


We therefore never use new resins and all our plastic supplies come exclusively from recycling.

Efficient and competitive products


Our products maintain their high mechanical performance, knowing that the PVC we regenerate was initially formulated with particularly high quality materials.


PVC windows and frames are designed to withstand the numerous aggressions of time, with resins reinforced by various anti-impact or anti-UV agents, which keep their effectiveness intact after recycling.


The exclusive use of recycled polymers also allows us to offer particularly competitive products, while allowing our customers to benefit from the significant savings made on our supplies.