PVC Pipes

Manufacture of recycled PVC pipes

Since 1976, PĂ©riplast has developed a wide range of products over the years. This range includes: pipes for sewage disposal, pipes for sewage spreading - , ducts for public works and specific pipes for industrial applications. Today, we work with the main national distributors, intended for the craftsmen and professionals market, as well as with the large DIY stores, which are mainly intended for private individuals.

An expert company in its field


For more than forty years, PĂ©riplast has participated in many construction sites (Channel Tunnel, tramway lines, subways, in several large French cities, etc.), extruding more than 10 million meters / year of PVC pipes or ducts, to equip the construction industry


We have the flexibility of a medium-sized company and are therefore able to produce small batches, specific shapes or packaging, as well as lengths adapted to strict requirements.


Choosing a tube made of 100% recycled PVC means helping to save our planet and respecting future generations !

Quality 100% recycled PVC pipes


Our 100% recycled pipes are perfect for

the requirements of customers who are looking for a product that respects the environment, while guaranteeing a

quality and durability equivalent to pipes made from new resins, which are much more polluting.

The use of new plastic requires us to draw on our resources and always has much more impact on the environment than recycling, via a circular economy circuit.


A 100% recycled PVC pipe cannot currently be admitted to the NF standard, whose design and requirements have unfortunately not been reviewed and adapted to the specificities inherent to recycling. However, this does not detract from the quality of the 100% recycled pipes. They allow a strictly equivalent use to that of standard pipes, but with a consequent reduction of the carbon footprint an

a financial saving for our customers ! !


Our pipe production represents a carbon saving of 17,286 tonnes of CO2 eq/year, for a service rendered equivalent to a production in new PVC, which would generate 18,000 tonnes of CO2 eq/year! (Calculation according to SRP values.)