Plastic Pellets

Production et ventes de granulés en PVC recyclés certifiés NF-558

Périplast, which has been active in PVC recycling since 1974, has extensive experience in the characterization of plastic waste. For more than four decades, we have been recycling post-production and post consumption PVC waste, which we use internally, to extrude pipes and profiles. Over the years, we have experienced the many changes in the composition of PVC available on the market and we now have a perfect command of the formulation of recycled compounds. Choosing to use 100% recycled PVC pellets means being part of a sustainable development process, including an efficient and concrete circular economy.

Depuis 2019, nous avons démarré la commercialisation de granulés R-PVC, auprès d’extrudeurs de profilés qui souhaitent utiliser des plastiques recyclés. Nous sommes aujourd’hui en mesure de nous adapter à la demande de nos clients, que ce soit sur les qualités ou sur les coloris recherchés.
Fin 2022, Périplast est la 1ère société en France à obtenir la norme NF-558, pour sa production de granulés MPR-PVC. Cette certification AFNOR est le gage d’une production maîtrisée, qui vous garantit une constance qualitative et une traçabilité assurée.
Entre professionnels exerçant le même métier, il est souvent bien plus facile de se comprendre et vos problématiques en extrusion sont également les nôtres au quotidien !

Our recycling process

Our recycling process includes 300 micron filtration, which eliminates almost all the impurities often present in the plastics to be recycled.


We also adapt our additives (Stabilizers, Lubricants, Processing-Aids) to the different specific needs of our customers.


As far as our production capacity is concerned, we have three compounding lines, with different screw designs, which are used according to the characteristics required by our customers. Our pelletizing capacity is 10,000 tonnes / year

Pelletizing of your own production waste

In addition to the sale of ready-to-use MPR- PVC pellets, we can also offer you pelletizing of your own rigid PVC production waste.


We receive your parts to be recycled (pipes, various profiles, injected parts, etc), which are crushed and re- granulated by isolated batches, to guarantee you that the recycled compound that you will receive in return will be produced exclusively with your original material.


Such a closed circuit operation ensures consistency in your own production, since our recycled pellets will match perfectly with your usual production. In this case, we only invoice an overall service of sorting, shredding, filtration and granulation, with a return to the customer of the quantities received (possibly reduced by some losses linked to the recycling process). This operation allows you to avoid the investment in a recycling-granulation line and also allows you to benefit from our long experience in the re-formulation of recycled materials.


Our MPR- PVC pellets can be used directly in 100% production or mixed with your new materials, if you want a mixed production.


Do not hesitate to contact us for all your granulation requests, which we will study with attention.

Our team will find the right formulations to facilitate the use of recycled material.

Choosing to use 100% recycled PVC pellets means being part of a sustainable development process, including an efficient and concrete circular economy.

Our quality department

Our long-standing and consistent sourcing of PVC waste is the key to consistent and controlled production. This experience, in a constantly evolving market, is a considerable asset to guarantee the stability and regularity of our products. Our quality department carries out numerous checks during production, as well as a verification of the mechanical characteristics of each pellet production before any shipment.


Our deliveries are therefore systematically accompanied by a Control/Certification form, to guarantee compliance with the stated performance.