Sewage PVC Pipes

Plastic extrusion is our area of expertise,

and pipe manufacturing our core business.

Our PVC drainage range is mainly intended for the evacuation of waste water without pressure, as well as for all types of effluent transfer applications

We have in stock the entire conventional range used by construction professionals, with packaging that can be studied on a case-by-case basis, according to the requirements of each customer.

Our drainage pipes are made of compact rigid PVC (without lightening), guaranteeing a very high resistance to shocks,

as well as to the various chemical agents of the effluents potentially transported.


Depending on the use, these pipes are shaped at one end (flared ends), to allow gluing together (smooth ends possible on request).


Our range also includes reinforced pipes, certified with CR4 or CR8 stiffness classes, to ensure increased resistance to crushing.